A woman-owned studio and photography company that specializes in boudoir, wedding, and lifestyle portraits. Additionally, it serves as a creative venue for events, offers a range of photography services, and features studio space available for hourly or daily rental.

Situated on Main Street in Winterport, the studio boasts a main studio area, a cozy sitting room at the back, a private bathroom, and an exclusive dressing room.

Three Moons Studio & Photo Co. LLC

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Each step, each stride—captured through the lens—paints a unique story. From sleepless nights to belly laughs, from whispered lullabies to scraped knees, motherhood weaves a rich tapestry of love, sacrifice, and joy.



Frame what means the most to you.



Relive the moments that slip right through your fingers.

Senior | Grad


Celebrate your child's step into adulthood with a portrait session that's uniquely theirs.



Certainly! The concept of blending professionalism with artistry is truly captivating. It’s like finding the delicate balance between structure and creativity, creating something that resonates both with precision and emotion.

End of Life


Let us cherish these moments—the beautiful, the emotional, the tragic—We honor them; carry them within us.

Wild Child | Lifestyle


A child's fingers, tinted with the juice of berries, pluck ripe strawberries; they roam barefoot with messy faces, untroubled. Childhood: fragile glass orbs we carry in our memories.